Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sick as a Dog....

I have a raging sinus infection and have felt crappy for a couple of days.  Went to the clinic yesterday and got some meds.  Unfortunately it prevented me from going to clinicals today.  Thank goodness I did the nursing conference so I had an extra clinical day.
I'm finalizing my Thanksgiving menu today and then I need to do some studying.  I am blessed to have a kid free day until 445 today.
The little girls are going home with their best friends, and Tessa has honor choir practice.
Only three more things till 102 is complete.  Test and Class on Monday, Final the Monday after Thanksgiving and then a Kaplan test on that Tuesday.  Then I'm free from nursing school until mid January.
I am looking forward to doing a good deep cleaning on the house (I know how crazy that sounds) and then tons of crafting since most of our Christmas this year is handmade.
Still doing good on my daily bible reading...  Gonna keep that one up cause it makes my day go smoother.
Excited for the holidays....