Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Life in General

It is the end of the year just about so time to look back and reflect... This has been a huge year in our family, we moved back stateside after three years in Germany.  That has been a huge adjustment for all of us culturally... I miss the slower pace of things over there.  I also miss some of our really good friends.
We bought our first home ever, and it was a new build so we got to pick out everything that was standard, no room for upgrades but that is okay. 
Money is so tight it squeaks, so I have been looking for a job for about a month now.  I have an interview for a job on Tuesday, first job interview since Tessa was 2 years old... so over 8 years now.  It will be a huge adjustment for us if I get a job, no more stay at home mommy... but it is what we need for our family.
I am still planning to start classes at my new school in February if the money comes through okay.  That may change slightly if I get the job, full time work and part time school may be too much... we shall see.

I have also been doing some crafting lately, made lots of dresses for the girls for Christmas, a bag for Tessa, hats for many and coasters.
I am planning to whip up extra hats and coasters and I am considering opening an etsy store for the hats and coasters and whatever else I manage to make.  Need to really consider that one hard though.

I do not do resolutions anymore, they never work.  We will just keep working on being healthier as a family, and getting out of debt.  Working hard on making my daily walk with God a priority but we shall see....

No idea what the new year will bring Army wise,  Jim should not be going anywhere this year Tradoc is still new so there should be nothing new there.  Course the most important thing to learn as an Army wife is that things turn on a dime so we could have something huge happen tomorrow who knows...

Friday, December 11, 2009


How many of you put things off because you just don't feel like doing them?  I am sitting here in my living room, drinking coffee and playing on the internet.
As I look up from my screen I see our Christmas tree, beautifully decorated with homemade ornaments standing in the corner of the room. 
Then I look to the other side, and see what I normally see....

Laundry... the never ending pile of unfolded, or waiting to be put away clothes.  I wish there was a way to stay ahead of the laundry, but with three kids and a husband who changes clothes multiple times a day I just haven't found that magic system yet.
I try to do a load a day, and put it away... but there is always something more to do.  I would much rather read a book with my girls, or work on a craft project than do the laundry.  I have tried having the kids put away their laundry, but that only works with my middle daughter.  The oldest just shoves it in her closet (usually in the basket) and then complains she has nothing to wear because she can't find things.  The littlest says she can't do it on her own and if she does it is just shoved in a drawer followed by the complaint of nothing to wear.

Today I'm tempted to just throw out some of the clothes.  Perhaps if there were not so many I could stay on top of things...  Then I wonder if that would really solve the problem or if the laundry would just multiply on its own.  I imagine somewhere there must be a laundry fairy, who flies around from house to house stealing the socks and making sure the laundry stays behind.  Does this fairy visit your house too?


to this crazy life.  I decided to blog about my craziness...  I try hard to keep everything going, but as any Mom knows it is hard to be all things for all people. 
I work hard to be a good Mom and Wife... and I tend to take on more than I should.  I love to craft, its what keeps me sane but I am horrible about having too many projects going at once.

Military wives have a different sort of life, and some of the things we go through are unique to the experience of other military wives.
I have been through three deployments and we are currently stationed at a tradoc which means no deployments for awhile. 

So... feel free to follow along and chip in when you feel the need