Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All I want to do

is sew.... but so many other things are in the way right now.
I need to finish recovery from our trip, which will get done today no matter what!!!  I will stay up all night if neccesary because I can't stand the chaos. 

I'm hoping to cut out Karah's Easter Dress today, we shall see if I find the time around cleaning and my dentist appointment. 

Well... I better go put the pets up and get to work or nothing will happen.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Almost Texas....

So... it's Wednesday and I leave for Texas on Friday.  I cannot wait!  However having said that I have a ton of stuff to get done today.
I promised Sammie that she could wear her St. Patricks day outfit to school tomorrow.  Which means, I have to finish it today!  I tried to do the skirts yesterday and messed the first one up, so I am starting over today.

My goal, do an hour of straightening after the girls get out the door and then head to the sewing area.  Hopefully I can keep Karah occupied and get both outfits done today, along with Jen's slipcovers.  I figure if not, the sewing machine will go in the van with me to Texas. 

Things otherwise are good....  need to call Maryland today and find out why my transcript is not here at Lincoln.  I will lose it if I miss the application deadline to nursing because they can't get my transcript done.

Ahh well, time to wake the munchkins

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st....

Oh it's a Monday morning all right.  It's hard to drag myself out of bed on Mondays, but here I sit getting ready to do my devotional for the day.  The house is completely trashed and I believe it is going to take me several hours to get it straight (we shall see).

I'm also getting started on spring cleaning, I rearranged Sammie's bedroom yesterday and cleaned out her closets.  She doesn't need any new tshirts this spring, plenty left in her closet that still fit.  I doubt any other spring cleaning gets done today because the house is such a mess.

I'm waiting to hear from sports coaches today to know when and where soccer and track practices are for the little two.  Tessa's first taekwondo is today.  I hope she still loves it as much as she did.

So today's to do list....
Get the girls out the door for school.
Clean Kitchen (it's Monday...)
Clean living room
Do dinner plan for the week
Make shopping list
Run Errands on post (Ed Center to schedule nursing advisor appt, and fax for transcript: Commissary)
Pay Bills
If there's time I wanted to start the twirl skirts for St. Patty's day and I"m supposed to go out to the movies tonight with Nina (Not sure this will happen....)