Friday, February 26, 2010


Well Tessa made a comment that made me think some of the changes I have been making around here are worthwhile.  She told me this morning that since I started getting up and being involved with them in the morning (turning on music and off the TV and computer) her days start out better.  It was such a small change to make, tuning in even if I'm tired.  I'm glad I decided to make the effort to wake up better if it is making a difference in their day.

Today I have to run a few errands on post, link up with Nina for coffee (I hope), and straighten the house.  I also want to do some more studying for my test tomorrow.  I didn't feel good yesterday and you can look around the house and sure tell. 

We will be going shopping in Springfield tomorrow (cleats, running shoes, etc...) so I took the time to print a coupon for Ruby Tuesday I had seen online.  Also got coupons for Justice for Girls (their website has clothes that will fit Tessa, so hopefully the store does too), a free game from toysrus and a Kohls coupon.  (We are gonna check there for the cleats, running shoes and sports clothes for the girls). 

Ahh well on with my day... glad the changes are making a difference.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tree of Love

So... Stacey told me about this wonderful tree she was using at her house about a month ago and I finally am getting ours set up.

It's called the Family Tree of Love here (Not sure what Stacey called hers).  It has the family rules on the trunk of the tree and each family member has a branch.  There will be leaves (construction paper) all around the base which can be moved up to a branch.  The leaves have chores on them.  Each girl will start the week with three leaves: laundry, clean your room, and one household chore.  As long as they follow the rules they won't have any extra leaves.  If they break one of the family rules they have to get an extra leaf.  At the end of the week everyone can see who has been obedient, and who hasn't been.  If they have been good they don't have much work to do.... If they haven't been they will have to spend time on the weekend doing the extra chores, and I can see at a glance if they deserve extras like sleepovers, playdates etc....

Sammie came up with a great addition to what my friend suggested, and we are adding fruit to our tree as well.  The fruit will be two different things.  One will be extra things they can do to earn rewards (saves me from extra work... :)  ), there will also be blank fruit.  If Jim or I catch them doing something nice for someone else, or improving somewhere in their daily life we will write it on a fruit that week and it goes on their branch as well. 

I called it the Tree of Love because part of loving is serving and obedience.  I really think the funniest part of it is that I drew it directly on the door to the pantry.  The girls faces when they saw me drawing on the wall was hilarious.  They just didn't know what to make of that because they would get into huge trouble if they drew on the wall.

If it doesn't work out, I can easily repaint the door.  I hope it does though.... we shall see.
and remember I never claimed to be an artist~~  I also left room at the bottom for any new rules we need to add.

Monday, February 22, 2010

So... Here we go

Woke up this morning determined to make things better around here...
Started my day out right with morning devotions, praying for my husband and kids and my attitude.  I realized where I had been doing some things wrong (my attitude and anger and anxiety) and am taking steps to help the problem.

Woke the girls up earlier so there wasn't as much hurry scurry out the door with Mom fussing at the kiddos.  I made them breakfast like I used to, instead of staying plugged into the computer or the TV.  Last week I started having on praise and worship music in the am, this morning I turned on KLOVE on the computer.  My sister has been telling me about it.  It was pretty good.

Karah got up after the big girls were gone to school, so I snuggled her and made her breakfast too.  Did my morning workout (trying out the biggest loser wii game alternating with my EA fitness).  I'm getting ready to eat some cottage cheese, rotate laundry and hop in the shower.

My only other goals for today are to pry Karah from the TV and do some reading with her, then craft while she's napping.  I feel very positive today and hope I can keep my attitude working. 

Debating starting my couch potato to runner program today too... will see

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wondering what I am doing wrong....

The bullying has no commenced at Tessas new school.  We made it halfway through the school year here, but the teasing has escalated to the point where Tessa is faking stomach aches to avoid school. 
I am at such a loss on how to help her...  I know that she has to be doing something to be continously targeted even with new kids.  I try to tell her that she needs to ignore them and not react, but she is an emotional child.  That is not going to happen.
I emailed her teachers today, wondering what their take on the situation is.  The problem with that is last year her teacher said she was not being teased and isolated, and she was.   I went to an assembly at the school two weeks after her teacher told me it was not happening and saw it happen with my own eyes. 
Current plan... Find her a tae kwon do dojo to join (build her self confidence) and find out how to get her into counseling that Tricare will pay for. 
I am so sad that this is going on here too, and at a loss as to what I could have done differently to help prevent it from happening.