Thursday, January 28, 2010

Play Money....

So our state tax return hit the bank today, and since we are expecting a winter storm tomorrow I took Karah to Springfield to shop...
She was good as gold, even got to have an ice cream sundae for being so good while Mommy shopped.

I went to Hancock Fabrics in Springfield and cotton was 50% off.  I got $260 worth of fabric for $115 because I also had a coupon and a discount.  Doing the happy dance!  I got some fabric to make the quilt top I already pieced for Jim and I larger (I made a full, we now have a queen). 

I also got fabric for my latest projects... I am making baby slings for several of my friends who are expecting.  If they turn out well and are user friendly I plan on making more to sell. 

After lunch we went to Target where some wire shelving units were on sale... To my surprise a rectangular table was also on sale and a desk chair.  I bought everything I need to set up a sewing area for myself in the family room downstairs.  Tomorrow I will be setting up my area and getting to work. 

So excited to finally have an area where I can leave my stuff set up and out of the way :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Phone calls and more phone calls

Well it has been a good week...
Becky got me EA Fitness for the Wii which I love.  Feels good to be working out again, more than just walking.
I spent today making phone calls around laundry, housework and a baby present I'm working on.
I finally made Dental appointments for the girls and I... we are all overdo for a cleaning, but I kept forgetting to call.
Also made my yearly appointment, and one for Tessa's allergies.  Hopefully the allergy testing results from Germany made it into her record, in English.  The allergist there said she needed shots for her allergies and they should be started in Jan/Feb time frame.  So hoping I can get that started here without making her retest.  She reacted so strongly to that one pollen and immediately that it was almost a torture to make her leave it alone for 20 minutes while the rest of the testing went through.
Called about the Zumba for Mommy and me and they are only going to offer it quarterly... how retarded is that.  Why offer an exercise class, then take three months off before offering it again.  What good does that do the kids???
Tomorrow I need to go get a new Drivers License (mine expires Friday), and go by the Ed center and see if the Nursing Advisor is actually in her office.  Fingers crossed she will be...  Plan on signing up for Februaries test, not the one next weekend.  I just don't feel like that is enough time to prepare.
That's the buzz here.... at least I accomplished something today.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Refocusing priorities....

Well after waiting with baited breath for two weeks I found out I did not get the job I applied for at the Dialysis clinic.  I prayed about it for the entire time, that if this was the right position for me God would make it work, and if it wasn't than he would help me to not be terribly dissapointed if it didn't come through. 
I got the call yesterday afternoon, she wanted to hire both of us but was only allowed one and decided to go with the other person.  She said she will call me if anything else opens up...  We shall see.
However, the prospect of being back in the medical field left me so jazzed I realized that this is still where my heart lies.  Not in teaching, which I would be good and okay at... but in the medical field.  Given this decision I am not going to start at WGU next month.  I don't see the sense in wasting money on a degree in teaching when I will just want to go do something medical anyway. 
So... I'm back to trying for something medical.  I finally got an answer at the nursing program on post, so I'm going to apply there.  I will look into the LPN program offered through the Career Center next to the high school.  I am also looking into a Lactation consultant Mother/child heath degree that Judy found for me. 
So changes happening yet again, but I am keeping a prayerful heart and believing that God has his hands on my life as always, and he will guide me where I am meant to be.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I get to kick off the New Year by seeing my best friend.  I cannot wait...  She is preggers and I haven't ever seen her that way before.  Then tonight I get to hang out with my SIL (also one of my best friends) before heading back to MO to Jim. Kind of nice to ring in the New Year with my best friends.

He has been working hard on stuff around the house and is looking forward to surprising me with the progress he has made.  It will be nice to see him again.  We are working on keeping that spark alive, so date night will be reinstated this month.  Good thing T is old enough to babysit her sisters now.

I remember when the year 2010 seemed like it was impossibly far into the future and now it's here.  It is the year we are living in, and I wonder what this new year will bring. 
Ah well... off to load the dishwasher and washing machine before I load the kids in the car to leave. 
Gonna go see my best friend and tomorrow I get to go home.