Saturday, February 26, 2011

4 miles!!

And it felt SO GOOD!  Linda and I went out and around the neighborhood today.  4 miles in 57 minutes.  We did good!  I didn't have to stop and walk at all, and she only did a couple of short times.  Had some great hills in there too....

Now it's time to shower and head out for date night. :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Out of sorts

and I do know why... I'm very out of sorts because I'm missing Mom.
I wish she was still here.
I wish I could call her up on the phone and hear her voice
I wish just once more I could see her face
or touch my Mom's hand....

Want to stay home today, but I do have class tonight.
Can't miss it unfortunately.  I would like to run away I think...
Just escape for a bit.
Not going to happen, and it's not that I want to escape from my reality
I just would like to have a vacation from emotion.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week of Sickies!

Monday... went to the gym and got a good 2 mile jog (12.3 pace) in on the indoor track.  Wanted to jog outside but since I had planned to go to Hard to Resist after seemed better to just hit the track.  Finish my jog and head to class to recieve a phone call from school that Karah threw up on a classmate.  There went class... Pick her up and head home with her.  Lunch time rolls around and school calls to pick up Sammie... she threw up in the hallway.
Yesterday they seemed to be doing better, I had planned on them going to school if their low grade temp was gone today.
This morning... higher temps, crummy feeling tummies equals another day at home.
For my sanity I gave the girls the walkie talkies and hit the treadmill in the garage.  2.5 miles (16 pace)... not as fast as my average, but I'm not really feeling all that great either.  Running a temp myself.  Just happy I got it in.
Praying to God that they go back to school tomorrow.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

3.2 miles outside

Jim and I went for a jog outside today... It was 43 with snow melting everywhere.  He paced off me.  We walked up the hill, then started jogging.  Jogged for a solid mile, then I walked for 1 tenth of a mile and started jogging again.  We looped around in the neighborhood which includes some small hills twice.  I was still feeling good after mile #2 so I decided not to drop it down to a walk.  I jogged solid till 3.1 miles :)  then walked back down to my house came in and stretched.

3.3 miles total in 40 min.  So average of a 12.3 min mile.  Feel exhilerated.  Longest I have EVER gone... :)
Now off to shower and get dressed.  Lots of studying to do today...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

1 MILE!!!!

So stoked right now... I'm on an adrenaline rush!  I just managed to jog an entire mile without ANY walking at all.
I don't think I have done that since Junior High... not sure I ever even did it then honestly!  I used to hate to run even way back then.
Nothing hurt, it felt good... I seriously considered going longer but the fumes from the Kerosene heater were making me light headed.
Well... Off to lunch, so happy I hopped on the treadmill this morning. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sick but still jogging...

Woke up during the night just feeling like poo... I was running a fever Monday night, but didn't think much of it.  Still went to spin yesterday (didn't feel feverish).  Made it through my day just fine.  I just felt nauseous and crappy...  My oldest woke up throwing up.  Yay for stomach bugs...  I haven't actually gotten sick.

I hopped on the treadmill anyway this morning.  I didn't go for as long as I planned (stomach started cramping up at 30 min so around 1.8 miles).
I did some good intervals though...  4 min warm up followed by a 5.0 jog for one song (not sure of the time), a 3.5 walk for one song, a 4.7 jog, a 3.7 walk, a 3.0 incline jog (as high as my treadmill goes), a 3.5 jog, and a 3.2 walk for a cool down.
It felt good till my stomach started cramping up.

Monday I decided to run on the track at the gym before my strength training class.  I discovered I really do need to hit the road/track more often.  I suck at pacing myself.  I just took off going really fast, and wore myself out quickly.  Ended up not being able to jog even a full lap after the first one cause I was going too fast.  I was speed walking 1/2 and then running the other.  Thankfully after about 10 laps or so (it's 8 laps to a mile) a friend showed up to jog... She is much slower and better at keeping a consistent pace.  I slowed down to jog with her and then was able to just consistently jog.  I need to do better at pacing myself off the treadmill.
I am registered for the Race to the Rocker (4 miles) in March, Linda found us a 10K to run in April, and then the half marathon in June.
Yesterday my new toy came in the mail... A Garmin Forerunner training watch... HR, GPS lots of bells and whistles that will take me forever to figure out.  But... it means I can train outside without having to drive and calculate a route, I can just go. :)
Today it's snowing... Saturday it' supposed to get up into high 40's and just keep going up.  I'm looking forward to getting outside for my training for the first time. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

The half marathon is on....

I am officially registered for the Hospital Hill half Marathon in KC in June.  I also signed up for a 4 mile run in Cuba at the end of March.  I don't have to officially start training for the Half until the last week of this month, but I am already starting.
I got new running shoes Saturday, they are a minimalist shoe.  They are also... Hot Pink.
I am liking them so far.  I'm up to jogging one whole song, and then walking the next.  Averaging about a 15 min mile right now.  That's a good enough pace to finish within the time limit of the event, but I'm very hopeful I can pull that down to a 12 min mile by the event.  Shaving off a minute a month would make it doable. We shall see.
In other news... Having an emotional night, and feel like crap not a good combination.  Looking forward to burning some of it off at spin tomorrow.