Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve.... a look back

2010 has been an interesting year for all of us.
I started the year off looking for a job, and ended it one semester into nursing school.  I found out I was iron anemic and spent a day in the hospital getting a blood transfusion, now I go in for iron every two months.  Karah started school in August, and she loves Kindergarten.  Tessa is as tall as me, and thinks she's grown some days. She has been a great helper this year and seems to have come into her own.  Sammie and Karah both started in LEAP this year, so two more gifted kids.
It's nice being near family this year, although we still don't have enough time to see them as much as we want.
We got to have Noel this summer for a few weeks, and Misty and the boys came up for a visit.  Then we took Noel and our girls and went to Myrtle Beach to visit George and his clan.
Nursing School is hard and I count the days till vacation when it's in session but it is so worth it!  I can't wait to finish.
Let's see what else...
Sammie was diagnosed with Scoliosis this year.  She has two curves in her spine but they are less than 12% so the regular doctor didn't want to do anything.  I am having her seen by a chiropractor though in hopes that we can avoid a brace or surgery as she grows up.
Jim is moving into a different position in the unit. Retention and EO guy... so more paperwork and less teaching.

Biggest event of the year... I found my biological father a week before Christmas on the internet.  I hadn't really planned to look but I am so glad I did.  Charlie (Pops) seems like a great person and really interested in our lives.  It will be an adjustment for all of us to have someone who cares from my side, but nice.  I'm hoping to meet him over spring break and then the girls can meet him in the summer.

So overall a good year yet again... Lots of blessings to outweigh the bad or sad.  Thank you God for blessing us and continuing to watch over us..

Happy New Year alll...........

Friday, December 24, 2010

Morning Musings

Woke up to a snow covered morning with more falling.  Beautiful day.....

Frozen in a moment
unable to move
sparkling prisms
covering every surface
making the ugly
new and pretty
Hiding the surfaces
sharp angles and all
Beauty covers and hides
Freezing, falling
crystals of light.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Emotions colliding
Flying, screaming
Joy, anger
jumping for
striving for the top
for control
Queen of all
till the slide happens
and it begins again.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I miss writing...  It's been a couple of years since I have really spent any time writing.  I was looking through some of my old poetry today looking for the one I wrote for Mom's memorial service.  I miss writing, the whole process.  I think I need to try and make some time for that in my life... Thank God I love to create things with my hands or my words.

Secrets no more
Hiding the truth, leads to lies
Pain, hurt, discontent...
Who does it help to hide
Who does it hurt
The price is too high
the cost too deep.
Truth is pain they say
Truth is freedom
Being real
No lies, no subterfuge
just open, honest
at all costs.
Breathe deep

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Almost Christmas....

and I still have so much sewing to do!  My life events have been consuming my time and energy and Karah is sick (Tessa too).  I'm worried that Karah's junk will turn into Pneumonia again (it sounds kind of like it did last year before the bout with Pneumonia).

Yesterday was a strange day...  I am still talking to Charlie, exchanging bits of history getting to know one another and it's nice.  I can see why Mom loved him.  I got a little frustrated last night, because even with exchanging all these bits of info... there will be things I will forget to tell him that don't seem important until he doesn't know (does that even make sense).  

G took the news really well, and agreed with me that I should tell the others face to face.  They will need reassurance and the best way to give that to them is to do it face to face.

On another weird twist I called my Dad yesterday.  Tessa wanted to talk to him.  It was a brief conversation... I think she just needed to hear his voice.  He told me that my emails woke him up and he is going to do better.  I told him I will believe it when I see it.  The little girls wouldn't talk to him... and I didn't make them.  They don't know who he is and that is due to his lack of contact.

I didn't tell him about Charlie... two reasons
1.  I really don't think it's any of his business.  No disrespect intended towards him, but Charlie is my biological father and I want a relationship with him.
2.  I don't want him to have a sudden interest in the girls and me just to compete with Charlie.  You know marking his territory type thing.  

Do I think he is actually going to change???  No, absolutely not.  I think he feels bad and a little lonely because it's Christmas time so he wants to make an effort right this minute.  I think within a month or two (if not sooner) he will drift back out of our lives.  Time will tell and if he is really sorry and wants to be involved only time will tell that too.... 

Well off to the doctor with Tessa and then home to hopefully get some sewing done....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sleepy today

which isn't surprising...  Tessa broke out in hives last night.  She had a small bout of them yesterday during the day which I thought was maybe caused by a bug bite but they went away with Benadryl.
I went to bed around 11 and she woke me up at 12... Her whole wrist area on the left was swollen and blanched almost up to her elbow and her right hand had hives all over it too.  I gave her two benadryl and rubbed some caladryl lotion on it.  It took two hours but they went down enough that they weren't itchy and she finally fell asleep.
Not an hour later Karah was up not feeling well, she thought she was gonna be sick.  One of those nights...

Now it's 7:30 and I'm up drinking coffee.  Heading out to brave the stores today and pick up that last present and some candy.  I'm gearing up for the craziness.

I talked to the brother closest to us in age about Charlie last night.  He hadn't ever expressed any anger towards him and I'm not big on secrets so I went ahead and called him so I didn't need to worry so much about what I said on FB.  He is okay with it...  His actual comment was that he was happy that M and I have someone who actually cares if we are alive or not.  Which makes me feel bad for him, but it's okay.  I reminded him that regardless of Dad he does have 4 siblings who care what happens to him.
I decided I will talk to the older two about having Charlie back in my life when we go up there in January.  I just don't like secrets so although I know that it might cause drama, I'm just gonna suck it up and tell them.  It really isn't there business but I do talk to them regularly and it's akward to try and keep something from them that to me is a huge thing.  Not to mention with the girls all knowing that Grampa Charlie exists, I would much rather they here about it from me.  G said that if they have a problem with it they need to just get over it.

The girls seem happy about having a third grandfather.  A little puzzled about why they are just hearing about him now, but okay with it overall.  Their responses ranged from Cool to can I write him a letter.

Well I'm off to finish my coffee and check the sale ad for Target for toy ideas...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Strange things are happening to me....

sorry, that song is stuck in my head from Toy Story..

So, since none of my brothers read my blog and I don't have to worry about hurt feelings and drama I can say it here....

I found my biological father on FB on Wednesday, I never expected to find him.  I tried once years ago I even paid for a 1800 US Search to find him and didn't.  I got an old address for him that wasn't good but knew he was at least alive.

My brother asked me for his name again on Wednesday so I did a quick google search to verify the last name (I was always confusing two names and didn't want to give him the wrong one).  Low and behold it popped up a FB profile for him.

I contacted him and instead of telling me to get lost (which is what I kind of expected) he has been very forthcoming.  It seems that he stayed away out of respect for Mom's wishes and that he has always missed us (this goes along with Mom's explanation one of the few times I got her to talk about C).  I am feeling pretty good about this development in my life, although still nervous.

I told Tessa this morning about him, she knew that Dad wasn't my biological father, but nothing more.  Today she knows what he looks like and is a little excited although a little scared too.  Wondering if he is going to want to be a part of her life or not.  I told her we were taking it slow for now, trying to keep anyone from getting hurt.  I explained that was why I wasn't telling her little sisters but she is big enough to understand somewhat.

I haven't posted about it on my FB because I don't want to hurt my other brothers.  I love them all very much, I don't look at finding Charlie as taking anything away from my life but as an adding to it.  I feel like it happened in God's time (since it wasn't anything I planned on doing) and am just letting things go where they go.  I also really feel like Mom would have been okay with it, especially since she is no longer here to deal with any fall out from it (meaning with Dad).  I am worried about how the boys will take it, and don't really plan on discussing it with them.  I won't lie to them about it but the last we discussed it there was a lot of anger there.  Since it doesn't affect their lives I am choosing not to share this with them for now.

So that is what has been going on here the last few days... It's complicated, and messy somewhat, but good.  I am considering telling the one brother I think would understand and be okay with it but am not sure.  I am hoping things continue to go as well as they are.  It would be nice to have Charlie as a part of my life and the girls lives I think.  Maybe meet someday...

We shall see but needed to get it out there somewhere....

Thursday, December 16, 2010

No spin class today

had a minor bout of food poisoning or something last night so I decided not to go.  Ended up being a good thing because schools were canceled due to icy roads (sounds like it's icing again right now).

Have some weird but good I think stuff going on right now, but not ready to blog about it.  Too public :)

Girls are doing well and we are baking Christmas cookies.  Talked to two of my four brothers today which is always nice.  Now if I can just manage to get all my Christmas sewing done with the girls around will be interesting.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Gingerbread Army

Yes, that really does say that :)
I am baking up a Gingerbread Army today.  Sammie needs 20 for LEAP party on Wednesday so I decided to bake enough for all three girls regular classess too.  Once you are making a batch it isn't that big of a deal to triple it.... I say that now.

Went to a new class this morning called Hard to Resist... It most certainly was hard.  I got a great work out from it though.

Still on track... Still planning that half marathon, have a friend from here who says she will do it, and a friend from KS who says she will meet me there.  We shall see...

The van no longer has heat, so I'm gonna have to find the money to pay for a car repair... Fun stuff

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

7 December 2010

I did spin class again today...  I made it through the whole hour, and still didn't fall off the bike. :)  My friend from nursing school who said she was gonna meet me didn't show.  That's okay though, because had I not planned to meet someone I'm not sure I would have gone.  Really wasn't feeling like going today... so I promptly texted two other friends to meet me at spin.  One came...

I also took the time to drive the loop that is our road...  Jim was correct it is longer than I thought.  It is 1/2 mile around.  So... I need to be able to do the loop 26 times by June.  It also means Jim and I ran/walked 2 miles on Saturday morning.

Feeling so grateful to God today that I am well enough to start to run, and to exercise and take care of this body he has provided for me.  I just feel so very, very blessed.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spin Class

Really that does say Spin Class... My lovely friend Christine teaches one and I have been meaning to try it out for awhile.  Today I made it, even though I was stuck in traffic at the gate for 45 min!  She was late too and no one else showed (traffic I'm sure).  So I got to have a mini spin class (only 30 min) for just me to try it out...

I DEFINITELY worked up a sweat.... It was fun, I had a good laugh at myself for being uncoordinated (standing up and riding the bike is a little hard).  My bottom is sore, and so are my legs a little...

Do I think I will go again... yeah, probably (although we will see how I feel tomorrow).  I think it will be AWHILE before I can do the whole spin class hardcore, but the good thing is you can do your own pace, if it's too hard or whatever you just modify it for yourself.
Christine assures me that the soreness down there goes away after about two weeks worth of spinning... again, we will see.

God is good...  I feel blessed again today and I'm gonna keep on with my thing.  I need to finish putting up the groceries, finish Tristan's present and then clean the bathrooms.  :)  Hoping that I will have time to start painting the lower half of my living room today but first things first....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nursing School Break...

and I am loving it.  Doing decent on my daily bible reading, not perfect but consistent.

Deep cleaned the living room today, all those nooks and crannies and dusting no one else bothers to do.  Decorated the outside railing in front of the house, set up an online calender thing.

Now for the crazy, insane part....
I have decided to register for the Hospital Hill Half Marathon in Kansas City in June.  Ever since I had my surgery I have wanted to start running and ultimately run a marathon.  Started training for a 5k about a week before nursing school started.  That was a mistake, no time to set a routine before my schedule went crazy....

Decided since I have the next 6 weeks off school (well nursing school anyway) I have time to establish a habit of running...

Tied my shoes on today... and while it was a pathetic run for anyone who runs I'm proud of myself anyway.  Went out for about 15 min total with 30/30 intervals as my plan.  I made it for about 10 min at 30/30 intervals and then walked the last 5.  I couldn't do anymore running intervals cause my legs felt like jelly.  It's a good place to start though.  I have PLENTY of time to work up to the 13 miles.  As a side note, my goal isn't to run the whole 13 miles (although if I do that is great)... my goal is just to FINISH.

I also signed on for a 100 push up a day challenge for the month of December, you can break them up into segments so you will see me doing lots of push ups this month.  Here's to the month of December... lots of time to focus on the things I have been neglecting due to nursing school.... :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sick as a Dog....

I have a raging sinus infection and have felt crappy for a couple of days.  Went to the clinic yesterday and got some meds.  Unfortunately it prevented me from going to clinicals today.  Thank goodness I did the nursing conference so I had an extra clinical day.
I'm finalizing my Thanksgiving menu today and then I need to do some studying.  I am blessed to have a kid free day until 445 today.
The little girls are going home with their best friends, and Tessa has honor choir practice.
Only three more things till 102 is complete.  Test and Class on Monday, Final the Monday after Thanksgiving and then a Kaplan test on that Tuesday.  Then I'm free from nursing school until mid January.
I am looking forward to doing a good deep cleaning on the house (I know how crazy that sounds) and then tons of crafting since most of our Christmas this year is handmade.
Still doing good on my daily bible reading...  Gonna keep that one up cause it makes my day go smoother.
Excited for the holidays....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Could have been a bad morning

but God is good!  I got very little sleep last night (something like 4 hours I think), no idea why just couldn't get there.  I think I was stewing over my grade a bit (B but less than class average).  So regardless I woke up this morning just feeling blah!  I was seriously considering going back to bed as soon as I put the girls on the bus.  Decided to drink my coffee and have my quiet time with God so I didn't rip anyone's head off if they got up grouchy and I'm so glad I did.

I will admit that although my crosswalk devotions this morning were good, they really didn't speak that much to me (I'm sure it was a mindset thing).  I read my Psalm and my proverb, finished up James and read in Esther.  Still didn't feel all that moved by the spirit and something led me to flip to Titus.  I read Titus 2 again (it's been awhile) and I was moved.  I want to be that young pure wife (although I think I'm starting to cross the line to that older wiser woman :)  ).  Something moved in my spirit and I began to wake up and praise...

Woke up the girls about 15 min later and the morning was so wonderful, no dramas no fighting, just up and ready for school.  I went ahead and got about the business of being Mom, went to the grocery store etc...

Thank you God for being so good to us, and reminding us of the people you want us to be!

For those of you interested here is the section I was referring to today...

3 Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behaviornot malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine,teaching what is good, 4 so that they may encourage the young womento love their husbands, to love their children, 5 to be sensiblepure,workers at homekind, being subject to their own husbandsso that theword of God will not be dishonored.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, Monday

What a glorious fall morning it is!  I look out my window at the beautiful reds, golds, browns and greens of the trees in my backyard.  This wonderous picture that only God can create and feel truly blessed.
I read today in Esther and James, and of course my daily readings in Psalms and Proverbs.  I take away simply a sense of peace today and thankfulness for all God has blessed me with, from Jim, to the girls, to providing all of my needs.
My plan today is to be thankful for everything, even the challenges that are thrown in my way.  Sounds simple I know, but to get through the day with nothing but thankfulness could be a challenge especially since the girls are home today (no school).

May you see the beauty around you today and Thank God for it.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Struggling this morning...

Well, Thank you Jesus for the Reminder this morning of why I don't sleep in....
I am trying to do my bible study, Reading in Ephesians this morning and the girls have interrupted no less than 10 times in 10 verses.  Gonna continue on
Ephesians 6
24 Grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christwith incorruptible love.

Isn't that a beautiful verse... Think about that incorruptible love, that's how God loves us, it's unconditional and incorruptible.  Think about focusing your love of Jesus on his greatness and wonderfulness.  Praising him for all that he does in us, through us and for us:  Instead of that laundry list of God do this that or the other thing for me and then I will be faithful, believe etc...  

 "Desire realized is sweet to the soul" (Prov. 13:19) Oh how true that verse is as well, How wonderful do we feel when we accomplish a task we have set for ourselves.  Follow through on things, do them with a fullness of spirit and as a means to glorify God.  Remember that every task you complete in this life is a service to someone, yourself, your kids, your husband, etc... Remember to complete those tasks just as if you were completing them for God.  Let it be a joy to serve others and enjoy the sweetness of a job well done.

Now on to my reading in Esther today, I was reminded of how Esther (and all the other virgins of course) took a full year to ready themselves to meet their husbands, yet how often do I take the time to prepare myself to see my husband?  I don't take time to make sure I'm ready to greet Jim when he comes home.... How much nicer would things be if I took a little time at the end of each day to ready myself for Jim's return home?  Straightening my hair and making sure that I look nice for him, singing a song of praise to return my peace if I am frazzled, Praying about having a right attitude to great him with.

The other things that struck me today while doing my bible study in James 2 and in Proverbs 22 were the verses about tongues and the damage they can do.  James is so right, how often do we bless one person with our tongue and praise God, and then moments later curse another?  Guard my tongue God, help me to only speak blessings and love...

Bless you today my friends

Friday, October 22, 2010

Yes, I'm still alive

Lost the link to my own blog for awhile... how crazy is that!
Feeling truly blessed tonight in my girls and Jim.  We went to the pumpkin patch tonight and had a great family time even though there was a small amount of drama when I said it was time to go. :)

I have been working hard at getting back into the habit of reading my bible in the mornings...  My days go so much better when I take that time for myself in the morning.
Felt very convicted this morning though... I do not do a good job letting Jim be the head of our household.  I am so used to being the one in charge since the Army takes him away so much.  I need to work harder at letting him be the head and submitting my will to him.
My favorite verses for today Ephesians 5:22-33
There are many more, but every section of the bible I opened to today referred to marital relations and letting the Man lead and the Wife submit and follow.  There is a message for me there and Lord, I heard it loud and clear.

Father God,
Help me to be the type of wife you intend for me to be.  Help me to model our marriage after Ephesians 5 and Proverbs 31.  Help Jim and I to model a Godly marriage for our girls so that when the time comes for them to marry and they meet the man whom you are already preparing to be their mate they can greet him with open arms and the knowledge of what marriage is about.  Thank you Father for this reminder of what marriage should be like and thank you for giving me such a loving man as my partner.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Long time no post

Didn't realize it had been so long since I updated my blog...
I have been dealing with some health issues, nothing major now that they have figured out what is going on.  Just had to add some vitamins to my daily routine and get some iron infusions.  It is a side effect of my surgery, but I still don't regret my surgery.

I have been doing a little sewing, not as much as I would like.  Gonna help a friend with some curtains today, and then I want to work on some bags and baby outfits.

I got accepted to Nursing school for the fall so in two weeks I start an anatomy and physiology class in preparation for that.
It is the last week of school, and on that note I need to kick the kids out the door 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All I want to do

is sew.... but so many other things are in the way right now.
I need to finish recovery from our trip, which will get done today no matter what!!!  I will stay up all night if neccesary because I can't stand the chaos. 

I'm hoping to cut out Karah's Easter Dress today, we shall see if I find the time around cleaning and my dentist appointment. 

Well... I better go put the pets up and get to work or nothing will happen.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Almost Texas....

So... it's Wednesday and I leave for Texas on Friday.  I cannot wait!  However having said that I have a ton of stuff to get done today.
I promised Sammie that she could wear her St. Patricks day outfit to school tomorrow.  Which means, I have to finish it today!  I tried to do the skirts yesterday and messed the first one up, so I am starting over today.

My goal, do an hour of straightening after the girls get out the door and then head to the sewing area.  Hopefully I can keep Karah occupied and get both outfits done today, along with Jen's slipcovers.  I figure if not, the sewing machine will go in the van with me to Texas. 

Things otherwise are good....  need to call Maryland today and find out why my transcript is not here at Lincoln.  I will lose it if I miss the application deadline to nursing because they can't get my transcript done.

Ahh well, time to wake the munchkins

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st....

Oh it's a Monday morning all right.  It's hard to drag myself out of bed on Mondays, but here I sit getting ready to do my devotional for the day.  The house is completely trashed and I believe it is going to take me several hours to get it straight (we shall see).

I'm also getting started on spring cleaning, I rearranged Sammie's bedroom yesterday and cleaned out her closets.  She doesn't need any new tshirts this spring, plenty left in her closet that still fit.  I doubt any other spring cleaning gets done today because the house is such a mess.

I'm waiting to hear from sports coaches today to know when and where soccer and track practices are for the little two.  Tessa's first taekwondo is today.  I hope she still loves it as much as she did.

So today's to do list....
Get the girls out the door for school.
Clean Kitchen (it's Monday...)
Clean living room
Do dinner plan for the week
Make shopping list
Run Errands on post (Ed Center to schedule nursing advisor appt, and fax for transcript: Commissary)
Pay Bills
If there's time I wanted to start the twirl skirts for St. Patty's day and I"m supposed to go out to the movies tonight with Nina (Not sure this will happen....)

Friday, February 26, 2010


Well Tessa made a comment that made me think some of the changes I have been making around here are worthwhile.  She told me this morning that since I started getting up and being involved with them in the morning (turning on music and off the TV and computer) her days start out better.  It was such a small change to make, tuning in even if I'm tired.  I'm glad I decided to make the effort to wake up better if it is making a difference in their day.

Today I have to run a few errands on post, link up with Nina for coffee (I hope), and straighten the house.  I also want to do some more studying for my test tomorrow.  I didn't feel good yesterday and you can look around the house and sure tell. 

We will be going shopping in Springfield tomorrow (cleats, running shoes, etc...) so I took the time to print a coupon for Ruby Tuesday I had seen online.  Also got coupons for Justice for Girls (their website has clothes that will fit Tessa, so hopefully the store does too), a free game from toysrus and a Kohls coupon.  (We are gonna check there for the cleats, running shoes and sports clothes for the girls). 

Ahh well on with my day... glad the changes are making a difference.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tree of Love

So... Stacey told me about this wonderful tree she was using at her house about a month ago and I finally am getting ours set up.

It's called the Family Tree of Love here (Not sure what Stacey called hers).  It has the family rules on the trunk of the tree and each family member has a branch.  There will be leaves (construction paper) all around the base which can be moved up to a branch.  The leaves have chores on them.  Each girl will start the week with three leaves: laundry, clean your room, and one household chore.  As long as they follow the rules they won't have any extra leaves.  If they break one of the family rules they have to get an extra leaf.  At the end of the week everyone can see who has been obedient, and who hasn't been.  If they have been good they don't have much work to do.... If they haven't been they will have to spend time on the weekend doing the extra chores, and I can see at a glance if they deserve extras like sleepovers, playdates etc....

Sammie came up with a great addition to what my friend suggested, and we are adding fruit to our tree as well.  The fruit will be two different things.  One will be extra things they can do to earn rewards (saves me from extra work... :)  ), there will also be blank fruit.  If Jim or I catch them doing something nice for someone else, or improving somewhere in their daily life we will write it on a fruit that week and it goes on their branch as well. 

I called it the Tree of Love because part of loving is serving and obedience.  I really think the funniest part of it is that I drew it directly on the door to the pantry.  The girls faces when they saw me drawing on the wall was hilarious.  They just didn't know what to make of that because they would get into huge trouble if they drew on the wall.

If it doesn't work out, I can easily repaint the door.  I hope it does though.... we shall see.
and remember I never claimed to be an artist~~  I also left room at the bottom for any new rules we need to add.

Monday, February 22, 2010

So... Here we go

Woke up this morning determined to make things better around here...
Started my day out right with morning devotions, praying for my husband and kids and my attitude.  I realized where I had been doing some things wrong (my attitude and anger and anxiety) and am taking steps to help the problem.

Woke the girls up earlier so there wasn't as much hurry scurry out the door with Mom fussing at the kiddos.  I made them breakfast like I used to, instead of staying plugged into the computer or the TV.  Last week I started having on praise and worship music in the am, this morning I turned on KLOVE on the computer.  My sister has been telling me about it.  It was pretty good.

Karah got up after the big girls were gone to school, so I snuggled her and made her breakfast too.  Did my morning workout (trying out the biggest loser wii game alternating with my EA fitness).  I'm getting ready to eat some cottage cheese, rotate laundry and hop in the shower.

My only other goals for today are to pry Karah from the TV and do some reading with her, then craft while she's napping.  I feel very positive today and hope I can keep my attitude working. 

Debating starting my couch potato to runner program today too... will see

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wondering what I am doing wrong....

The bullying has no commenced at Tessas new school.  We made it halfway through the school year here, but the teasing has escalated to the point where Tessa is faking stomach aches to avoid school. 
I am at such a loss on how to help her...  I know that she has to be doing something to be continously targeted even with new kids.  I try to tell her that she needs to ignore them and not react, but she is an emotional child.  That is not going to happen.
I emailed her teachers today, wondering what their take on the situation is.  The problem with that is last year her teacher said she was not being teased and isolated, and she was.   I went to an assembly at the school two weeks after her teacher told me it was not happening and saw it happen with my own eyes. 
Current plan... Find her a tae kwon do dojo to join (build her self confidence) and find out how to get her into counseling that Tricare will pay for. 
I am so sad that this is going on here too, and at a loss as to what I could have done differently to help prevent it from happening.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Play Money....

So our state tax return hit the bank today, and since we are expecting a winter storm tomorrow I took Karah to Springfield to shop...
She was good as gold, even got to have an ice cream sundae for being so good while Mommy shopped.

I went to Hancock Fabrics in Springfield and cotton was 50% off.  I got $260 worth of fabric for $115 because I also had a coupon and a discount.  Doing the happy dance!  I got some fabric to make the quilt top I already pieced for Jim and I larger (I made a full, we now have a queen). 

I also got fabric for my latest projects... I am making baby slings for several of my friends who are expecting.  If they turn out well and are user friendly I plan on making more to sell. 

After lunch we went to Target where some wire shelving units were on sale... To my surprise a rectangular table was also on sale and a desk chair.  I bought everything I need to set up a sewing area for myself in the family room downstairs.  Tomorrow I will be setting up my area and getting to work. 

So excited to finally have an area where I can leave my stuff set up and out of the way :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Phone calls and more phone calls

Well it has been a good week...
Becky got me EA Fitness for the Wii which I love.  Feels good to be working out again, more than just walking.
I spent today making phone calls around laundry, housework and a baby present I'm working on.
I finally made Dental appointments for the girls and I... we are all overdo for a cleaning, but I kept forgetting to call.
Also made my yearly appointment, and one for Tessa's allergies.  Hopefully the allergy testing results from Germany made it into her record, in English.  The allergist there said she needed shots for her allergies and they should be started in Jan/Feb time frame.  So hoping I can get that started here without making her retest.  She reacted so strongly to that one pollen and immediately that it was almost a torture to make her leave it alone for 20 minutes while the rest of the testing went through.
Called about the Zumba for Mommy and me and they are only going to offer it quarterly... how retarded is that.  Why offer an exercise class, then take three months off before offering it again.  What good does that do the kids???
Tomorrow I need to go get a new Drivers License (mine expires Friday), and go by the Ed center and see if the Nursing Advisor is actually in her office.  Fingers crossed she will be...  Plan on signing up for Februaries test, not the one next weekend.  I just don't feel like that is enough time to prepare.
That's the buzz here.... at least I accomplished something today.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Refocusing priorities....

Well after waiting with baited breath for two weeks I found out I did not get the job I applied for at the Dialysis clinic.  I prayed about it for the entire time, that if this was the right position for me God would make it work, and if it wasn't than he would help me to not be terribly dissapointed if it didn't come through. 
I got the call yesterday afternoon, she wanted to hire both of us but was only allowed one and decided to go with the other person.  She said she will call me if anything else opens up...  We shall see.
However, the prospect of being back in the medical field left me so jazzed I realized that this is still where my heart lies.  Not in teaching, which I would be good and okay at... but in the medical field.  Given this decision I am not going to start at WGU next month.  I don't see the sense in wasting money on a degree in teaching when I will just want to go do something medical anyway. 
So... I'm back to trying for something medical.  I finally got an answer at the nursing program on post, so I'm going to apply there.  I will look into the LPN program offered through the Career Center next to the high school.  I am also looking into a Lactation consultant Mother/child heath degree that Judy found for me. 
So changes happening yet again, but I am keeping a prayerful heart and believing that God has his hands on my life as always, and he will guide me where I am meant to be.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I get to kick off the New Year by seeing my best friend.  I cannot wait...  She is preggers and I haven't ever seen her that way before.  Then tonight I get to hang out with my SIL (also one of my best friends) before heading back to MO to Jim. Kind of nice to ring in the New Year with my best friends.

He has been working hard on stuff around the house and is looking forward to surprising me with the progress he has made.  It will be nice to see him again.  We are working on keeping that spark alive, so date night will be reinstated this month.  Good thing T is old enough to babysit her sisters now.

I remember when the year 2010 seemed like it was impossibly far into the future and now it's here.  It is the year we are living in, and I wonder what this new year will bring. 
Ah well... off to load the dishwasher and washing machine before I load the kids in the car to leave. 
Gonna go see my best friend and tomorrow I get to go home.