Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Phone calls and more phone calls

Well it has been a good week...
Becky got me EA Fitness for the Wii which I love.  Feels good to be working out again, more than just walking.
I spent today making phone calls around laundry, housework and a baby present I'm working on.
I finally made Dental appointments for the girls and I... we are all overdo for a cleaning, but I kept forgetting to call.
Also made my yearly appointment, and one for Tessa's allergies.  Hopefully the allergy testing results from Germany made it into her record, in English.  The allergist there said she needed shots for her allergies and they should be started in Jan/Feb time frame.  So hoping I can get that started here without making her retest.  She reacted so strongly to that one pollen and immediately that it was almost a torture to make her leave it alone for 20 minutes while the rest of the testing went through.
Called about the Zumba for Mommy and me and they are only going to offer it quarterly... how retarded is that.  Why offer an exercise class, then take three months off before offering it again.  What good does that do the kids???
Tomorrow I need to go get a new Drivers License (mine expires Friday), and go by the Ed center and see if the Nursing Advisor is actually in her office.  Fingers crossed she will be...  Plan on signing up for Februaries test, not the one next weekend.  I just don't feel like that is enough time to prepare.
That's the buzz here.... at least I accomplished something today.

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