Friday, January 15, 2010

Refocusing priorities....

Well after waiting with baited breath for two weeks I found out I did not get the job I applied for at the Dialysis clinic.  I prayed about it for the entire time, that if this was the right position for me God would make it work, and if it wasn't than he would help me to not be terribly dissapointed if it didn't come through. 
I got the call yesterday afternoon, she wanted to hire both of us but was only allowed one and decided to go with the other person.  She said she will call me if anything else opens up...  We shall see.
However, the prospect of being back in the medical field left me so jazzed I realized that this is still where my heart lies.  Not in teaching, which I would be good and okay at... but in the medical field.  Given this decision I am not going to start at WGU next month.  I don't see the sense in wasting money on a degree in teaching when I will just want to go do something medical anyway. 
So... I'm back to trying for something medical.  I finally got an answer at the nursing program on post, so I'm going to apply there.  I will look into the LPN program offered through the Career Center next to the high school.  I am also looking into a Lactation consultant Mother/child heath degree that Judy found for me. 
So changes happening yet again, but I am keeping a prayerful heart and believing that God has his hands on my life as always, and he will guide me where I am meant to be.

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