Sunday, January 23, 2011

23 January 2011

Well... So now I'm officially 35.  It was a great birthday.  I was woke up by Karah coming in my room to snuggle me.  Then she crept out and then Tessa made me breakfast in bed.  It was yummy... Then I received a snowflake crown from Karah (who crowned me the snowflake queen for my birthday).  Sammie gave me a book she made at school.  Then I opened the present from Pops, a necklace I really liked.
Jim gave me the best present... He made me go out for a ski.  I was debating staying home and doing schoolwork and spending time with the family.  Jim made me go and I'm so glad he did.  I skiid for two hours.  Got right out in the middle of nowhere... spend a little time communing with God.  Thanking him for all of the blessing in my life...  I seem to do that best when I'm out in nature.  Love being out there...

Came home and spent some time with my girls and then took Karah to a birthday party at an arena.  She loved the horseback riding part.  She doesn't remember riding in Germany.... I sent an email asking them about lessons.  I don't think I can afford it but figured it's worth finding out.
Then I came home and played board games with the girls and Jim all evening.  Jim made a nice roast for dinner and of course we had cake.

I talked to everyone in my family with the exception of Dad and Ray and Angie.  Everyone else called and wished me happy birthday and I talked on the phone with Pops for a good hour I think.
Once everyone else went to bed I started some more studying.
Now that I'm back in school my blogging of course will slow down.  Between school, my new part time job (hhc), and being a Mom and wife I will be really busy now till Spring Break. :)

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