Sunday, September 8, 2013

Marriage as a priority and a ministry

Good Morning World....
I have spent time in prayer this week on marriage.  This morning while I was reading in 1 Corinthians I came across a devotion in my bible that brought the points home.  I have the Woman Thou Art Loosed bible (among several other bibles) from T.D. Jakes.

 I have been talking to friends about marriage and what our priority should be.  What comes first our marriage or being a servant to God?  How do you balance the two?  For many people marriage comes last, not first. 

The bible calls us to minister to our families first.  1 Corinthians 7:33-34 we are admonished not to be so caught up in the spiritual duties that we forget to be a wife and see to his needs, and vice versa.  God wants husbands and wives to see to one another, then to the needs of the world.  We are to be concerned with pleasing one another first.  Your priorities need to begin at home... God has called you to be a wife/husband and a parent if you have kids first.  Then to be a minister, teacher, nurse, cook, waitress etc, etc, etc... 

Now this doesn't release us from our obligation to spend time in the word, and serving others.  It is a reminder that our ministry should begin in our own home.  Do you spend time in your bible?  Do you pray for one another? Do you pray with one another? 

I am not about to say my marriage is perfect, in fact it is far from it.  We don't often find the time to read the bible together (although we are trying) and I know that often we forget to make our marriage a priority.  It takes work, we have to schedule time for our spouses. Make a date for after the kids go to bed, go for a walk together... This doesn't cost you anything and it will draw you closer to one another.  Pray for your spouse every day... not in a oh God fix him way either, in an Oh God fix me and my attitude way.  You can't fix him, you can only fix yourself....

Be blessed today my friends. 

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