Friday, March 18, 2011


Dogs, dogs and more dogs...
So every day that we have run here we have dealt with dogs.  One set of dogs has gotten more and more aggressive every time we have gone past their place.  Today (my long run day) they finally got brave enough to be stupid.  Going past there today on the way out one of them decided to try to bite me... He didn't manage to break the skin, just scratched the skin.  Jim gave him a swift kick in the face.
There is no way to come back to the house without passing them again, so we picked up rocks right before we got close to their house.  When they attacked again Jim chucked rocks at them.
I had planned on going for a two mile easy tomorrow but I am thinking I don't want to run past them again tomorrow.
Regardless stats for today's run... 4.6 miles in 55 min.  Pretty good run, I got a stitch in my side about mile 2 and then at about 4.3 miles my toes started burning... I'm not sure what that's about but it was still a good run

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