Sunday, September 15, 2013

Quiet time....

Quiet time is something I crave.  A few minutes here or there where it's just me, no noise and no distractions.  For everyone this time looks like something different.....
Lately for me it looks like this

My alarm goes off at an ungodly hour so that I can start my day.  I let the dogs out, poke the teen to get her started and turn on the coffee pot.  I brew that first lovely cup of coffee.

Then I get my coffee, and my bible and go sit on the couch.  I take a few minutes to pray and ask God to help me see what he wants me to see in the bible.  I thank him for my blessings and open up to whichever chapter I am studying.  If my teen is up, sometimes I read it out loud (she asks me to sometimes) sometimes I don't.  I don't turn on the TV, check the internet or anything else before I get this quiet time....

I always start out with one chapter in the old testament, one psalm, the days proverb, and one chapter in the new testament.  I get sidetracked sometimes, something catches my eye and I keep reading or I just felt led.  I also use my bible app for a bible study that I'm doing. 

Then I thank God again, ask him to be with me throughout the day and move on with my day.  I feel better on the days when I manage to do this.
I used to always want to sit and read my bible, but I let other things get in the way.  I didn't make a daily commitment to it.  Oh I would do okay for a day or two, maybe even a week but then I would get busy and stop again. 

After we got moved in up here I decided to try yet again to be consistent.  This included my decision to not check my email, phone, television etc before I did my reading.  Can I tell you the change it has made in my whole day, and my whole outlook? 
I still have my crazy days, but I handle them better.  I feel more peaceful, I think I'm better with the girls.  I just feel at peace.

I implore you... find your quiet time.  I know it's hard when the kids are little and you work all day (in or out of the house).  I know that you will skip a day here or there (I have) but try to find a way to do it consistently.... A few minutes each day just you, God and your bible.  I promise you that if you do it things will change.  Not outside things, but inside things... the things that matter.

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