Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tree of Love

So... Stacey told me about this wonderful tree she was using at her house about a month ago and I finally am getting ours set up.

It's called the Family Tree of Love here (Not sure what Stacey called hers).  It has the family rules on the trunk of the tree and each family member has a branch.  There will be leaves (construction paper) all around the base which can be moved up to a branch.  The leaves have chores on them.  Each girl will start the week with three leaves: laundry, clean your room, and one household chore.  As long as they follow the rules they won't have any extra leaves.  If they break one of the family rules they have to get an extra leaf.  At the end of the week everyone can see who has been obedient, and who hasn't been.  If they have been good they don't have much work to do.... If they haven't been they will have to spend time on the weekend doing the extra chores, and I can see at a glance if they deserve extras like sleepovers, playdates etc....

Sammie came up with a great addition to what my friend suggested, and we are adding fruit to our tree as well.  The fruit will be two different things.  One will be extra things they can do to earn rewards (saves me from extra work... :)  ), there will also be blank fruit.  If Jim or I catch them doing something nice for someone else, or improving somewhere in their daily life we will write it on a fruit that week and it goes on their branch as well. 

I called it the Tree of Love because part of loving is serving and obedience.  I really think the funniest part of it is that I drew it directly on the door to the pantry.  The girls faces when they saw me drawing on the wall was hilarious.  They just didn't know what to make of that because they would get into huge trouble if they drew on the wall.

If it doesn't work out, I can easily repaint the door.  I hope it does though.... we shall see.
and remember I never claimed to be an artist~~  I also left room at the bottom for any new rules we need to add.

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