Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wondering what I am doing wrong....

The bullying has no commenced at Tessas new school.  We made it halfway through the school year here, but the teasing has escalated to the point where Tessa is faking stomach aches to avoid school. 
I am at such a loss on how to help her...  I know that she has to be doing something to be continously targeted even with new kids.  I try to tell her that she needs to ignore them and not react, but she is an emotional child.  That is not going to happen.
I emailed her teachers today, wondering what their take on the situation is.  The problem with that is last year her teacher said she was not being teased and isolated, and she was.   I went to an assembly at the school two weeks after her teacher told me it was not happening and saw it happen with my own eyes. 
Current plan... Find her a tae kwon do dojo to join (build her self confidence) and find out how to get her into counseling that Tricare will pay for. 
I am so sad that this is going on here too, and at a loss as to what I could have done differently to help prevent it from happening.

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