Monday, February 22, 2010

So... Here we go

Woke up this morning determined to make things better around here...
Started my day out right with morning devotions, praying for my husband and kids and my attitude.  I realized where I had been doing some things wrong (my attitude and anger and anxiety) and am taking steps to help the problem.

Woke the girls up earlier so there wasn't as much hurry scurry out the door with Mom fussing at the kiddos.  I made them breakfast like I used to, instead of staying plugged into the computer or the TV.  Last week I started having on praise and worship music in the am, this morning I turned on KLOVE on the computer.  My sister has been telling me about it.  It was pretty good.

Karah got up after the big girls were gone to school, so I snuggled her and made her breakfast too.  Did my morning workout (trying out the biggest loser wii game alternating with my EA fitness).  I'm getting ready to eat some cottage cheese, rotate laundry and hop in the shower.

My only other goals for today are to pry Karah from the TV and do some reading with her, then craft while she's napping.  I feel very positive today and hope I can keep my attitude working. 

Debating starting my couch potato to runner program today too... will see

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