Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Changes, lots and lots of changes....

Well my friends, long time no blog... 
When last we met I was frantically trying to finish my bachelor's degree and awaiting my husbands return from Saudi Arabia.  We knew we were due to move, but not where we were moving too.  

 Welcome to Kenosha, Wisconsin....  Jim has been assigned here as a recruiter and is currently away at school.

We have had a very busy summer, visiting family and friends in Texas, saying goodbye to all of our friends and family in Missouri and moving north.  It has been quite the adventure.

The house is finally fully functioning and set up (well aside from my room, why is my room always last.... oh well I will get to it at some point).  The girls start school next week (can I get a Halleluiah anyone?) and so far I am still unemployed.  I have had a few interviews at the hospital I am hoping to work at but no decision has been made about the position yet so I'm in limbo.  There are other hospitals, clinics, jobs etc but this is the place I want to work at so I will wait a bit longer.
I did in fact finish my bachelor's degree in nursing and now I'm trying for my Grad school... Waiting on transcripts from all of the lovely houses of learning I have graced with my attendance before I can proceed.  

We have found a church, where the music and message are good and the girls are happy.  I still feel like a ship lost at sea there but that's okay I'm sure that will pass eventually.

Since moving here I am trying to make some dietary changes for the whole family, less processed food, more vegetarian nights, and more activity!  I will again be sharing recipes and just life in general with the few people who choose to follow my blog. 

So Welcome Back my friends!

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