Monday, February 7, 2011

The half marathon is on....

I am officially registered for the Hospital Hill half Marathon in KC in June.  I also signed up for a 4 mile run in Cuba at the end of March.  I don't have to officially start training for the Half until the last week of this month, but I am already starting.
I got new running shoes Saturday, they are a minimalist shoe.  They are also... Hot Pink.
I am liking them so far.  I'm up to jogging one whole song, and then walking the next.  Averaging about a 15 min mile right now.  That's a good enough pace to finish within the time limit of the event, but I'm very hopeful I can pull that down to a 12 min mile by the event.  Shaving off a minute a month would make it doable. We shall see.
In other news... Having an emotional night, and feel like crap not a good combination.  Looking forward to burning some of it off at spin tomorrow.

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