Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week of Sickies!

Monday... went to the gym and got a good 2 mile jog (12.3 pace) in on the indoor track.  Wanted to jog outside but since I had planned to go to Hard to Resist after seemed better to just hit the track.  Finish my jog and head to class to recieve a phone call from school that Karah threw up on a classmate.  There went class... Pick her up and head home with her.  Lunch time rolls around and school calls to pick up Sammie... she threw up in the hallway.
Yesterday they seemed to be doing better, I had planned on them going to school if their low grade temp was gone today.
This morning... higher temps, crummy feeling tummies equals another day at home.
For my sanity I gave the girls the walkie talkies and hit the treadmill in the garage.  2.5 miles (16 pace)... not as fast as my average, but I'm not really feeling all that great either.  Running a temp myself.  Just happy I got it in.
Praying to God that they go back to school tomorrow.

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