Sunday, February 13, 2011

3.2 miles outside

Jim and I went for a jog outside today... It was 43 with snow melting everywhere.  He paced off me.  We walked up the hill, then started jogging.  Jogged for a solid mile, then I walked for 1 tenth of a mile and started jogging again.  We looped around in the neighborhood which includes some small hills twice.  I was still feeling good after mile #2 so I decided not to drop it down to a walk.  I jogged solid till 3.1 miles :)  then walked back down to my house came in and stretched.

3.3 miles total in 40 min.  So average of a 12.3 min mile.  Feel exhilerated.  Longest I have EVER gone... :)
Now off to shower and get dressed.  Lots of studying to do today...

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