Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sick but still jogging...

Woke up during the night just feeling like poo... I was running a fever Monday night, but didn't think much of it.  Still went to spin yesterday (didn't feel feverish).  Made it through my day just fine.  I just felt nauseous and crappy...  My oldest woke up throwing up.  Yay for stomach bugs...  I haven't actually gotten sick.

I hopped on the treadmill anyway this morning.  I didn't go for as long as I planned (stomach started cramping up at 30 min so around 1.8 miles).
I did some good intervals though...  4 min warm up followed by a 5.0 jog for one song (not sure of the time), a 3.5 walk for one song, a 4.7 jog, a 3.7 walk, a 3.0 incline jog (as high as my treadmill goes), a 3.5 jog, and a 3.2 walk for a cool down.
It felt good till my stomach started cramping up.

Monday I decided to run on the track at the gym before my strength training class.  I discovered I really do need to hit the road/track more often.  I suck at pacing myself.  I just took off going really fast, and wore myself out quickly.  Ended up not being able to jog even a full lap after the first one cause I was going too fast.  I was speed walking 1/2 and then running the other.  Thankfully after about 10 laps or so (it's 8 laps to a mile) a friend showed up to jog... She is much slower and better at keeping a consistent pace.  I slowed down to jog with her and then was able to just consistently jog.  I need to do better at pacing myself off the treadmill.
I am registered for the Race to the Rocker (4 miles) in March, Linda found us a 10K to run in April, and then the half marathon in June.
Yesterday my new toy came in the mail... A Garmin Forerunner training watch... HR, GPS lots of bells and whistles that will take me forever to figure out.  But... it means I can train outside without having to drive and calculate a route, I can just go. :)
Today it's snowing... Saturday it' supposed to get up into high 40's and just keep going up.  I'm looking forward to getting outside for my training for the first time. :)

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