Saturday, March 19, 2011

End of vacation...

Tomorrow morning we will head back home to Missouri.  I am really happy that I managed to stay on track with my training this week.
It was different running in Texas and in New Mexico.  I wasn't sure that I would be able to stay on track with my training.  I have to admit there were several days that I didn't want to go for my run.  I would much rather have stayed at home with the family and visited.  Jim was great though, he  ran with me every time I ran here in Texas.  He knew that I didn't want to go and he saw it as a way to spend time with me.  I'm glad he did

So ran 3.5 miles on Saturday, Monday, and Thursday.  2 miles easy jog on Wednesday, and a 4.6 mile run on Friday morning.  No run today because of the dangerous dogs up the road and of course tomorrow I will be in the car all day so no run there either.  But I still think that's pretty good for a vacation training week.
Longest run ever on Friday, and other than burning toes towards the end, and a tightness in the tendon behind my knee again no problems...

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