Monday, March 21, 2011

Week in review....

Now that I have had a few days to adjust to all that went on last week I can blog about more than just my running.
So I met my biological father face to face last week.  Mike and I drove to New Mexico to meet Charlie on his home turf.  It went well... There wasn't any real tension or drama at all.  It was good getting to know him.  He is very straightforward, no bs.  He doesn't pretend to know how our lives would have been if he and Mom stayed together.  Life happened and he wasn't there by her request.  That simple...
Mike and I decided on Monday that he was welcome to come back and meet the family so we drove back to Texas on Tuesday.  I cannot begin to describe what it felt like to see him interact with my girls and Mike's boys. He listened when they talked, and played with them.  He paid attention...  Jen got there and he welcomed her and the girls in with open arms too because I consider them family.
He flew kites with the kids, and even went to the roller rink (which I know had to be a little unnerving with all the noise and strange people).
Friday morning he headed home so he didn't miss Ashlyn (another grandchild) 13th birthday.
It was good... It is different to have someone on my side who is interested in things again.  I haven't had that really since Mom passed and Dad remarried.  It's going well and we are just going to keep taking things day by day.  As of right now he is planning on coming out here at some point this summer....
Back to real life today, school and an easy run plus trip recovery....

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  1. Okay, I'll try this again!! (2nd time trying to post a comment today, lol)So what I said, roughly, was: I'm really happy that your visit went well. Also, I love that what I treasure most about you shines so beautifully in this post. Your sweetly pragmatic nature, that keeps your feet so firmly on the ground, coupled with your unlimited zest for life. You use them in tandem to stay rooted to reality as you reach for your dreams.
    I for one, feel v.blessed to know you.