Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Conquered that hill!!!

Woohoo.... I'm feeling jazzed right now. The hill I mentioned previously, you know... the one that made me puke :)  I have ran it several times since then and still found it kicking my butt versus otherwise.  I hadn't managed to make it to the top without walking....
Today, I did.  :)  I felt a little bad because my running partner had to stop and walk (her first attempt at this hill) and I didn't stay with her.  I told her at the top I just couldn't.  I knew if I slowed down to jog beside her walk I would not make it to the top and I wanted to conquer it. :)

My knee appears to have recovered fine after a week of almost no running so I think it was simply an overuse injury.
Ran my 6 miles from last week yesterday (and yes forgot to mention it).  Crazy busy with nursing school but must log triumphs as I go.  The 6 was hard, and I wanted to cry.... but i have noticed that is the case the first time I attempt any new distance.  The next time I run it, it isn't so bad. :)
In noticing that yesterday we ran around the neighborhood (2 1/2 laps around the whole neighborhood equals 6 miles).  The very first run I went on in this journey with Jim back at the beginning was a partial lap around the neighborhood.  I was wanting to quit and walk at mile 2.... I couldn't even get all the way around the neighboorhood.  Now 2 miles is an easy run, and 6 is hard.... I like seeing that progress!  This coming weekend... it's gonna be 7 :)

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