Saturday, April 2, 2011

I can finally say...

that I ran till I puked for once...  I have never experienced that before.
I could not clear my nose and throat of mucus no matter what I tried.
Jim and I ran out along T highway, down the big hill and into the neighborhood the back way.  I wanted to check the distance of that run (2.5 miles for future reference).  I think to make it 4 (which was the target today and I didn't make it) we would have needed to go straight back to T and then home.
I thought the hills wouldn't be as much coming in the back way.  I wanted to see the distance so that I could work on running up the big hill on T when my sinuses were clear.
The grade on some of those portions of the road back there was 22%!  I didn't realize they were that serious back there!  I filled up with mucous to where i couldn't breathe and threw up... started running again... and did it again.
By the time we got back to the neighborhood I was done from straight up lack of oxygen.  What should have been my longest run of the week (although I ran 4 miles two other days this week) turned into my shortest run of the week.
Ah well... such is life.  Everyone has bad run days... :)  Back at it again on Monday

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