Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Overdoing it on my knee...

Well I ended up taking some days off running last week.  My run on Friday and Sunday didn't go to well... My knee was hurting badly so I decided to cut them both short (as in less than a mile both days).  I didn't run yesterday at all, debating going to the Doctor's.  I really don't like going, not to mention I don't really have time to go.  I decided to make today a short run and see how it went.  Planned 2 miles...
I ran the back way around the neighborhood (the same route I did with Jim on the 2nd).  Those hills kick my butt!  I was able to run more of them today then last time but still had to walk a couple of times.  At least this time it didn't make me throw up (yes, it's that route).
knee twinged a bit, but didn't ever really hurt... It's not hurting now either.
Figure unless it starts aching later then I was correct that it was just an overuse injury.  Tomorrow will be a longer run (the church group run... )  Not sure if it will be a 4, 5, or 6 mile run.  That and the injury are why I went such a short distance today.
Gonna wait and see how things go... For now I don't think I need to see the Doc.

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