Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sleepy today

which isn't surprising...  Tessa broke out in hives last night.  She had a small bout of them yesterday during the day which I thought was maybe caused by a bug bite but they went away with Benadryl.
I went to bed around 11 and she woke me up at 12... Her whole wrist area on the left was swollen and blanched almost up to her elbow and her right hand had hives all over it too.  I gave her two benadryl and rubbed some caladryl lotion on it.  It took two hours but they went down enough that they weren't itchy and she finally fell asleep.
Not an hour later Karah was up not feeling well, she thought she was gonna be sick.  One of those nights...

Now it's 7:30 and I'm up drinking coffee.  Heading out to brave the stores today and pick up that last present and some candy.  I'm gearing up for the craziness.

I talked to the brother closest to us in age about Charlie last night.  He hadn't ever expressed any anger towards him and I'm not big on secrets so I went ahead and called him so I didn't need to worry so much about what I said on FB.  He is okay with it...  His actual comment was that he was happy that M and I have someone who actually cares if we are alive or not.  Which makes me feel bad for him, but it's okay.  I reminded him that regardless of Dad he does have 4 siblings who care what happens to him.
I decided I will talk to the older two about having Charlie back in my life when we go up there in January.  I just don't like secrets so although I know that it might cause drama, I'm just gonna suck it up and tell them.  It really isn't there business but I do talk to them regularly and it's akward to try and keep something from them that to me is a huge thing.  Not to mention with the girls all knowing that Grampa Charlie exists, I would much rather they here about it from me.  G said that if they have a problem with it they need to just get over it.

The girls seem happy about having a third grandfather.  A little puzzled about why they are just hearing about him now, but okay with it overall.  Their responses ranged from Cool to can I write him a letter.

Well I'm off to finish my coffee and check the sale ad for Target for toy ideas...

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