Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday... Quick Dinner with Bonus Freezer Recipe

Good Evening... I didn't get to blog yesterday between work and just the normal household duties.  I cheated and brought the kids home fast food between working a bit late and having to pick up prescriptions on base.  
Today is Wednesday, and on Wednesday evenings we go to church.  That means I have to have some sort of quick meal planned in order for us to have time to eat before church.  Today I took advantage of one of my freezer bags.  Every so often I buy ground beef in a large quantity (when it's on sale) and precook it for meals later.  I have two different mixes I make Italian (ground beef, onion, green pepper, and Italian Seasoning) and Mexican (ground beef, onion, green pepper, a dab of salsa, black beans, and taco seasonings).  I package it in Freezer bags in 2 cup quantities.  Then if I want a quick meal I have someplace to start.
Tonight I decided to go with Taco Salad.... Super easy, and super yummy!
I thawed one bag of the mexican beef, added some freezer corn, a bit more salsa and put it in a pan over medium to warm.  While that reheated I chopped some onion and some tomato.  Then I tore up some lettuce, mixed together some Salsa and Ranch Dressing for a Salsa Ranch and set out some chips and some cheese.  By now the meats warm and you can plate.
Layer the lettuce, chips, then beef, then tomato, onion, salsa, cheese and dressing.  Dinners on the table in about 10 minutes and everyone's happy.  It leaves plenty of time to make it to church.

Now for the bonus recipe...
Sammie named these Breakfast Flowers.  
I had some leftover sausage and egg scramble from Sunday that didn't get used up in the breakfast pockets.  
I used that and some store brand crescent rolls.  Lay the crescent dough out and roll out a triangle of it to make it a bit larger.
Then spoon some of the filling in the middle
Now grab all three of the corners and pull them upwards around the filling.
Then Twist the three corners together
This is where the flower name comes from.  Bake in a preheated oven for 12 minutes
Enjoy the fruits of your labor!  These can also be frozen and reheated two at a time for breakfast.
Have a great rest of your day!

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